Bookkeeping for Startups

Why settle for basic bookkeeping when you can have Ledgr, the financial command center designed for startups?

We understand that in the startup universe, every penny and every minute counts. That’s why we’re scalable, adjusting on the fly as you grow, from fledgling startup to full-fledged enterprise. Our full-service approach covers everything from bill pay, customer invoicing, payroll, you name it. We even offer CFO advisory services for those high-stakes decisions. The cherry on top? Our contracts are month-to-month, offering you the ultimate flexibility.

With Ledgr, you’re not just getting a bookkeeper. You’re getting an entire, adaptable accounting department at your fingertips, all bundled in an intuitive interface. With Ledgr, you’re not just keeping the books. You’re getting a strategic partner that scales with you. Make the smart choice. Let Ledgr be your startup’s financial co-pilot.


You have big plans. Your startup won’t stay small forever, and Ledgr scales with you. As you grow, our services can adjust on the fly, ensuring you always have the right level of financial support.

Full-Service Offering

Ledgr is the last accounting department you will ever need. We handle everything from Accounts Payable and Receivable to payroll, so you can focus on what you do best: Innovating.

CFO Advisory Services

Need to make a game changing financial decision but don’t have a CFO? No worries, Ledgr has CFO advisory services to guide you through those critical business choices, build models and projections, and steer your ship. 

Month-to-Month Contracts

Ledgr doesn’t lock you into a long-term contract. We strongly believe in earning your trust with great quality work every month. Our agreements are month-to-month, offering you the flexibility to adapt as your business needs change.

Accounting Services Built for Startups

It is hard to start something. Here are some of the ways we are helping other startups thrive: 

Best Practices

You have a lot on your plate when you launch a business. Thats why Ledgr helps startups implement accounting best practices and processes that help your business thrive. Software, processes, you name it. We have a plan.


Startups are known for being able to turn on a dime. This agility is what lets startups challenge the big companies that own their audience. Ledgr has flexible systems that we tailor to every partner we work with. 

Customer Service

When your business is young, you are sure to have a lot of questions about your finances. Ledgr has no limits on correspondence or questions, so your team is always around to help, and eager to support your business.

Startup CompliancE

Learning what is required of you to maintain compliance as a startup is overwhelming and stressful. Ledgr works with startups every day, and will help you organize your requirements so that you never fall behind.

Software Selection

When you are launching a new product or idea, you are bound to be inundated with new softwares tools that solve all of your problems. Ledgr will help you sift through the chaos and clearly identify a tech stack for your needs.

Flexible Pricing

Startups need to be cautious with their spending so they don’t run out of cash before revenues catch up. Ledgr’s flexible pricing model creates flat rate, tailored proposals, so that you only pay for what you need.

CompetItive Advantage

While other startups will struggle to know where there money is coming from and going, with Ledgr on your team, you will have the advantage of total clarity in your financial behavior, enabling you to make smarter choices.

Fast Financials

Don’t wait for the visibility you need to manage your startup. While most CPAs and bookkeeping firms take ages to return basic financials, Ledgr is on top of things with fast turn around times and a clear picture of where you are.

Tailored Insights

Ledgr is the only bookkeeping team that delivers custom BI dashboards tailored specifically for your startup. We will work with you to identify vital KPIs and build visuals to help you make fast decisions.

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